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Our site is designed to encourage, inspire and enlighten those of us 45 and older, on the subject of love and romance.

Sometimes scary, often frustrating, but hopefully exciting, the possibility of finding love and romance after 45 can be daunting. Keeping the love and romance thriving if you already found it, can be even more of a challenge. Do we hear an “Hallelujah” out there?!

Whether you are in a relationship currently, newly single, or fall somewhere in-between, the desire for love, companionship and romance still brews inside our souls. At this point in our lives, our needs and desires may be very different however, than when we were in our 20’s and 30’s.

What we look for in a “date” or “life-time companion” is often different and unique, due to our more mature age and the history we bring to new relationships. How we look for that “date” or “life-time companion” is also quite different than when we first went through this process in our youth.

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